Art guild evicted

September 30th, 2014

The latest Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild Show titled “Passions” opened this week to record gallery crowds but it didn’t go of quite as advertised. Union Bank officials who were not named told Guild officials last week they had to leave.

With NCR pads handy, Union Bank foreclosed on the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild show. They have been evicted from their Paseo Delicias space with two weeks notice and must vacate the premises by the end of the month.

Looks like the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild has outs own problems with financial institutions, namely the Union Bank a subject of frequent criticism for its financial practices.

A larger than usual crowd gathered at the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild on Thursday, itshow eve turned out because this was the last show after 15 years at the location in the rear of the Union Bank building on Paseo Delicias.

An EEG Biofeedback Specialist’s Discovery

August 20th, 2014

My wife is an EEG biofeedback specialist that offers sleep uk therapy techniques to help patients who are suffering sleep disorders. During the course of her therapy sessions spanning roughly 6 years, she’s noticed a common occurrence amongst patients that she’s cured. Almost all of them have reported that in addition to being able to sleep better, they also have far less anxiety in life. This has lead my wife to speculate that sleep deprivation and lack of quality REM based sleep cycles could actually be the cause of many common anxiety based disorders. She’s published 3 separate studies backed by clinical research on the subject. Her published research has attracted many other EEG biofeedback specialists who have contacted her in order to share their similar findings. It will be interesting to see where continued research on this topic goes, as it could very well lead to the alleviation of two common health ailments in one swoop, that being sleep disorders and general anxiety.

Bumpy Road

May 31st, 2014

My little sister was hopping jobs all the time and she could not figure out what career path that she wanted to follow. I was online and saw an advertisement for becoming a wedding makeup artist. The first thing that clicked in my head, was that this is the perfect career for my sister. She is fun, creative, friendly and is always buying all the new makeup that comes out in stores.

I printed her out a list of schools that she could attend while working her part-time night shift. She was hesitant at first, but she pulled it off! She has been happily working at a spa about 5 miles from her home. From time to time, she will get a phone call to work for a photo shoot for models or for special events. I am glad that she is now making a great salary, has a steady career and she is happy with the path that she chose.

Warm Summer Breeze

May 7th, 2014

The warm summer breeze blew in from the opened window, and felt good. I like to splurge every once and awhile on a thai massage Liverpool, and now I felt so relax after just having received one that I laid down on the bed, and thought about someone who I was starting to have feelings for. It was not going to happen between us, and I wish I had not told him how I felt yesterday. It only made him uncomfortable. I stretched, extending my arms and legs as far as they would reach. The curtains blew out as another breeze came through the window. I guess there are worst things then telling someone how you feel, and them telling you they don’t feel the same way. I can’t imagine having not told him how I felt, I don’t regret it. My eyes closed as I drifted to sleep.

A Class of His Own

March 22nd, 2014

I watched quietly as Fred shuffled through a box of papers, patiently searching for something appropriate. “A man’s stationery speaks toward his style and character. I’ve been collecting these letterheads nearly all my life.”

Fred was a dusty old bore, I thought, but no one could say he wasn’t a man of character. He’d have to be – who in the world collects stationery?

He selected a cream-colored page featuring olive green ivy that seemed to grow from the bottom, along the left edge, swooping across the top to where his initials appeared in clean script.

I set the page before me. This was Fred’s letter, but the old man’s hands were too shaky and arthritic to write. “Are you ready?”

He nodded, breathed deeply, and began, “Dear Ethel, Time has wrinkled me like a raisin, but my love for you has grown from the very first time we met…”

Chocolate Covered Peanuts

March 15th, 2014

One day I had nothing to do and was feeling very bored. I had been working on the computer eating my chocolate covered peanuts and drinking my grape drink. My fingers were getting a great workout, and I had very slim fingers. The rest of my body was not getting the same attention as my fingers were. It was getting difficult to walk into the kitchen to get another supply of chocolate covered peanuts.

The day finally came when I had to face reality when I could only find one outfit in my closet that I could still wear. I had gained so much weight eating all those chocolate covered peanuts, and had avoided eating any fruits, vegetables or fish. I looked online to find an exercise business close to where I lived. With luck I found one and went into start my exercise program with my own personal trainer Cardiff.

A Differant Type of Pain Relief

February 19th, 2014

I suffer from chronic sciatica nerve pain. The pain gets more intense, as I get older. When it’s cold outside, I can hardly even walk at all. I have tried, just about everything; you could think of to help stop the pain. Some things have help reduce the pain, but nothing has cured the problem. I refuse to have surgery. I have heard far too many horror stories.

Last year, my son talked me into seeing a Chinese medicine man. He laid me down on a table. He poured alcohol on my back and down my legs and feet. He stuck me with lone straight pins all over my lower back, buttock, legs and feet. It wasn’t as painful, as it sounds. I laid there for about fifteen minutes. When he was finished, I did feel a lot better. Over time, the pain has stopped. Acupuncture Manchester worked for me.

Bull riding

January 24th, 2014

I still remember gazing deeply into her face, and experiencing an overwhelming sensation. They said it was like two bulls wrestling, and I knew what they meant. I suddenly walked over to her, and then the pain and shock hit my face. She smelled of turkey, bacon, and hamburger. This was real, this was all too real, and once again all too real. I decided it would be best to stay in the rooms, and not go to the Premier Inn Glasgow Hotels, and then it hit me, it’s time.

It’s time to be honest, and tell the truth. She is beautiful, she is graceful, she is beautiful and graceful. She is, and always will be. She is so amazing, and I love her, and now I know. I know that riding my 408 pound girlfriend is like the beauty of bull riding.